self portrait 2

I’ve always told myself to continue doing the things that bring out my true colors and leave me glowing at the end of a day. For me, photography is that thing. In turn, my goal is to photograph that glow in others and leave a client feeling the same way. We all have it. Whether it be bringing out the confidence in a young musician getting new portraits for his website, showcasing an artist’s passion on stage, or capturing the amazing connection between newlyweds, I am grateful to be a part of it. The road I’ve taken to shoot weddings and portraits is certainly more unusual then the rest, and I am still molding it as I go.That’s one of the best parts of this journey—-the lack of predictability. Photography will take you everywhere.
Syracuse University made a television, radio, film graduate out of me, but my inner photo nerd prevails! I taught myself as much photo info as I could after graduating but ended up moving to Los Angeles for a production job in 2010. I currently still work in the television industry in LA while simultaneously running a wedding/lifestyle portrait photography biz. While it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle, wedding photography remains my favorite facet of it all; it is a constant reminder of how important AND interesting the human story can be.
That said, here’s to sharing with more young people how rewarding it is to follow your passion and learn from your fellow artists 🙂

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